Cracked Pot Community Potters

The Cracked Pot Community Potters is a unique group of clay lovers that come together to practice their art, learn new skills, encourage one another and support promoting good works in our area.

Membership in the Community Potters is limited and requires completion of beginner and advanced classes as well as demonstrating knowledge of the art, as such a wait list may apply if the group is full.  


Monthly, Semi Annual and Annual Memberships are available and provide for designated storage, drying shelves and equipment usage specifically for members.

Community Potters Supporting our Community


The Community Potters are proud to support important events within the Logan County Area.  Most recently they contributed $5,000 to the Logan County Vets to DC!  

This contribution will help provide local veterans the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and was made possible though the efforts of the potters creating and selling uniquely individual garden poppies!

Introducing Our Community Potters


Thelma Matthews

Thelma Matthews is the Owner and Creative heart behind the Cracked Pot Studio.  She studied Special and Art Education at The Ohio State University and University of New Mexico

She Threw her first pot at OSU in 1971 but didn't return to the art until the early 2000's when she studied under the direction of Charlotte Gordon at the Springfield Art Museum.

Along with Francine Kauffman, Thelma founded the Cracked Pot Studio in 2014.

Thelma loves God, People and pots, and it shows in all she does! 


Rebecca Crisler

Rebecca Crisler is a retired school teacher. She began pottery classes in the Spring of 2015.  It quickly became a passion of hers.  She enjoys both throwing on the wheel and hand building and combining the two methods to create unique pieces.  

Rebecca has found that not only is pottery a creative outlet for her, but it is a time of relaxation, reflection, meditation, and prayer.  She often tells people that it's her "therapy"

Rebecca enjoys being around other Community Potters.   The collaboration, learning, and support that comes from them is priceless!!


Robin Neumeier

I am a happy wife, mother of 4 fantastic grown sons, I have 2 wonderful daughters in law and I am blessed to be called “Nana” by my 5 yr old granddaughter and my 4 yr old grandson.

I found Cracked Pot Studio in early January 2020, before all the craziness of that year began.  Luckily for me, Thelma took me in as one of her “Community Potters,” and allowed me to join the fold of talented artists who have become my great and dear friends. 

The studio is my fun happy place to create original clay things- sometimes REALLY ORIGINAL clay things and sometimes things I really actually like!

I first learned to throw clay at OSU in the seventies with 2 basic pottery classes and vowed to someday return to it again.  I enjoy it much more now that I’m not stressed for a grade.  Pottery is my favorite hobby though I also dabble in paintings, making beaded jewelry, crocheting and knitting. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-04 at 8.19.41 PM.jpg

Charlie Rudd

Charlie Rudd is a former marketing VP, a retired public school teacher, and currently serves part-time on Ashland University’s adjunct faculty. 

He and his wife, Carolyn, moved to Bellefontaine in 2015 to assist in the care of their parents. 

Charlie signed up for pottery lessons at Cracked Pot Studio in the spring of 2018…..and quickly discovered a new passion. 

He likes to incorporate portions of unglazed clay and carved designs into his finished work.  Charlie spends time creating “families” of functional clay pieces that all incorporate the same design/color scheme.

Charlie teaches Beginner’s Pottery classes at the Cracked Pot Studio.   


Patti Strete

Patti Strete is a retired pharmacist who has been enjoying pottery for one year.

She started at Cracked Pot Studio in the beginners class.  When she realized all the potters wheels at the studio were not broke, but that she still had trouble centering the clay, she took Pottery II.

Pottery is a creative outlet for her, along with painting and woodworking projects, especially during COVID.

She enjoys both throwing on the wheel and hand building with clay.

Patti credits observing, interacting, and mentoring from more experienced community potters for her continued growth and enjoyment of pottery.


C. Forrest (Woody) Amidon

C. Forrest (Woody) Amidon is new to the pottery world.  It has taken a while for him to get the hang of throwing clay on a wheel.

He is a member of the Logan County Art League where he has been learning to paint using oil, water color, and acrylic. 

The pandemic has severely limited contact with other painters.  He is grateful to Thelma for her ability to keep the Cracked Pot Studio a safe environment for Potters to meet and work.